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On Time Settlements

On Time Settlements

Smart Businesses make NXT Level Payments

Upto 50 days of Free Credit

Pay Suppliers, GST, Rent, Utilities, and get 50 days of free credit

Instant Access to capital

Unlock the unutilised limits in your credit cards instantly to make payments

Interest Free

No additional charges, as long as you repay within the credit period

Rewards and Cashback

Earn and get assured cashback for every transaction

No Risk. All Reward.

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Get Assured Cashback Upto 1500 On Completing First 5 Transaction - BharatNXT

it's powerful. it's simple. and secure.

Major cards accepted

100% secure transactions. PCI DSS compliant payment gateway We respect Privacy. No spamming. We guarantee. We accept major cards. Convenience for our customers We accept visa cards
pci-dss compliant

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How do I make the payment with Credit? - BharatNXT
Questions? Look here

Can't find answer? email us at support@bharatnxt.in!

Simply Log In or Sign up, if you are a New User. Add your Credit Card Details and select your payment category. Make a payment to transfer funds to the Payee. It's as simple as that.
None. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. That's right. Download the app. Create your account, enter your Credit Card details and start making payments & transfers. No long list of documents.
No. We do not allow transfer of funds to your own bank account.
We support 2 modes of settlement cycles - Instant which settles the very same day and Classic, which settles on the next working day. You can choose any.

Yes, BharatNxt is completely secure as all Financial Transactions are verified under PCI-DSS and SSL Technology.

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45 days on Interest Free Credit using YOUR credit card on BharatNXT
Ritu Desai

Ritu, an Architect based out of Mumbai, has built competitive pricing with the help of BharatNXT.

Ritu has a strong reputation for being able to execute projects at very low costs. She pays her suppliers upfront using her credit cards via BharatNXT and gets steep discounts. Even though her payments from clients are linked to project completion miltestones, she is able to utilize her existing credit card limits to manage her cash flow

Pay Office Rent and Earn Cashback upto 1000
Selvan Karthik

Selvan runs a Saree Shop in Chennai. His manufacturer is running a promotion offering him significant discounts on Bulk Purchase.

He used BharatNXT to ensure that his working capital cycle is not disrupted while he chases profit. This resulted in him being able to get better terms from his suppliers. Selvan has unlocked higher margins through BharatNXT

Credit Card to bank account - BharatNXT
RajKumar Awasthi

Rajkumar is a distributor based out of Noida. He needs to procure a huge amount of stock before he gets paid by his sub distributors and retailers in 35-40 days.

Rakjumar, being a smart businessman, uses his existing credit card limits on BharatNXT to overcome this problem. Now he enjoys 45 days of interest free credit and repays once he gets funds from sub distributors and retailers

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Credit Card to make rental payments
Why are people using Credit Card to make rental payments

For small business owners and start-ups, rental costs are one of the largest overhead expenses incurred each month. Office spaces and small business establishments rental cost can be as high as Rs 200 Per square feet in a city like Mumbai and if footfall is essential for your business you may end up paying a premium for prime business spaces.

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Growing era of Credit Cards in businesses
Growing era of Credit Cards in businesses

A highly underrated tool with tremendous potential for managing working capital usually lies dormant in the business owner's pockets - the Credit Card. The main reason for the hitherto untapped potential of this credit line has been the lack of a means to transact without a(Point of Sale terminal (POS) being offered by the Seller or Service Provider. This severely impacted the ability of the card holder to transfer money to bank accounts that were not linked to such POS systems.

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Should I pay my vendor using my Credit Card?
Should I pay my vendor using my Credit Card?

There is a 'super power' that lies unutilised in the wallet of an entrepreneur. While its uses are known to many, Fintech-led innovations have NOW made hitherto impossible use cases possible for business owners.

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